Monday, December 30, 2013

True Colour Of Lumix GM1

Yesterday was the day after Boxing Day, took Le General to Lower Hutt city for her holiday sales... the Lumix DM1, was in my jacket's pocket; talk about compact! Took a shot through my car windscreen at the shop she was in, a new trousers for just $5.00!  Wonder how many she gonna buy ;)

On our way home we passed our Botanical Garden, it was 7.30 pm; I decided to see how the GM1's little kit lens react to the multi coloured blooms in the garden.
The theme of this year's summer garden is "The Quilted Garden". It features a display of floral-themed quilts – and outside in the garden the famous summer flower beds have been transformed into breathtaking living 'quilts'.

This shot of the statue near the entrance was taken with the 12-32 kit zoom at it's longest range of 64mm equivalent. Exposure was f5.6 1/100 sec, ISO 200. The focus was on the bronze statue.

There is a subtle separation of focus in the background, but not enough to give a more pleasant bokeh, which a full frame camera and a large aperture lens can provide; a price to pay for compactness... I can live with that ;)

A multi coloured flower bed shot at 30mm equivalent, f5.6; the lower picture is a blow-up from the left corner of the main picture.

The colourful "Grandmother's Fan" was shot at a 64mm equivalent and f5.6

A nice shot of L.B. taken by moi and one of I taken by her, which; the focus point has gone to my back.. notice that busy body posing himself? Let's see if we can identify him ;)

Guilty as charge! The power of the M43 digital sensor! Better than the film in "Blow Up!", of course film can't do it better than this; the film grains would have muck up the clarity and sharpness!

From the pictures of the multi colour flowers taken by the small wonder, the rendering accurately of the various hues; the little GM1 is a formidable camera against the much larger models with the same size sensors! Who need the bulk?

With our short stay at the garden, by chance; the little GM1 proved another point, for stealthiness...

This was what I saw from a distance, a photo enthusiast taking some shots of his friends or family; I grabbed a shot, in the next moment the photographer got his creative juice flowing and squat lower... I walk closer and just before I pass him, I took a couple of shots (below).

The Lumix was so quite, even when I walk past firing the 2 shots at 1/125 sec; the squatting photographer did not take notice...

Was he taking shots of the family on the other side of the flower bed, or was he just trying to focus on a few blooms?

Did they actually think that I was taking shots of them?  Ha ha ha...

It has been another fun day with the Lumix GM1!

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