Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Compact Camera Of The Year

2014 has been a good year for my photo blog!

Most of my blog followers realised that I am mainly interested in testing point n shoot compacts, I still believe strongly that the heavy, bulky DSLR days are numbered ;)

Among the memorable compacts I had a chance to try out...

The very impressive Lumix LX100.

The Lumix TZ60 with a whopping 30X Leica DC Vario-Elma 24-720mm in 35mm equivalent zoom.

      The smallest compact with interchangeable lens, the incredible Lumix GM1.

                      The versatile and just as compact Sony RX100-3.

                  The slightly larger but able to change lens, the Sony A6000.

                                 The bulky Canon G1X Mkll.

Out of these SIX compacts, which one do you think I will pick as my COMPACT CAMERA of 2014?

Most of you might think that I will pick the little Lumix GM1. Afterall, I own one and I rave and rave about the small wonder!

Well, you are wrong ;)


On Wednesday, July 16 this year, I asked in a post...

Sony RX100 lll, Ultimate Compact?

Five months later, a few new advanced compacts were launch but none manages to topple the little Sony!

The recently launch Lumix LX100 came very close to taking the lead, ONLY IF the LX come with a tiltable screen!

As a matter of fact the even smaller Lumix GM5 will be my choice IF it has a tilt screen too!

Sometimes you wonder if those guys at Panasonic get it or not! Don't they realise how important a tiltable screen is?

With a tiltable rear screen, you can easily compose, frame and take this overhead view without a ladder!  Shot with the Sony RX100-3 :)

More pictures taken with this 2014 Compact Camera of the Year can be seen here.

Here is to 2015 and Happy New Year to all my readers!


mityvisionz said...

I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every single of your blogs which are packed with tons of unbiased personal opinions and viewpoint in an easy to digest and understand texts. Wish you a Happy New Year and all the best the new year will bring ... take care and keep blogging ... thank you (y)

mityvisionz said...

As I owned a GM1 ... totally agreed with you about GM1 not having a tiltable lcd screen ..... on the whole GM1 is a great camera ... I love the compactness of it ... maybe age is also catching up with me .... LOL