Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mid Summer WHAT?

Sometime I think the Kiwis have a strange sense of humour, we are experiencing the coldest winter in 25 years and our work place (NZMS) is holding a Mid Summer BBQ! Ha ha ha...

But Kiwis are sporting though, they came dressed for the occasion! A little fun won't hurt anyone :) and good time to catch up with each other, especially over plenty of bangers (sausages) and intoxicating beverages ;)

After operating the microfilming camera for untold hours, Heather find this ultra-blue sunglasses advantages to see in the dark!

Martin and Lei cook up the yummy bangers!

Are you thirsty??

Nice pose Paul ;)

Chris, our Sunshine; oops... "Sunrise" expert.

Jo, admiring the macho features of Andy, our boss ;)

Nigel, our cricket nut looking like a base ball fan!

Michael, dishing out the bangers.

Looking forward to the next Bar-B, in summer!!


Anonymous said...

Are you guys Loco?

heather said...

Ms Loco,if you please!Its a tough life in the fast lane and we have to let our hair down sometime and what better opportunity than a summer Bar-B-Q in the middle of winter.I didnt even feel cold! Not once!The location was great! In a valley by a steam.The food was 5 star, and with Martin cooking, it was Michelin standard.. and we had top notch entertainment..all the in house locos!LOL. A great time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

Bueno, but I Think you have snow ther e at this time no??

cy.leow said...

Yes, we have plenty of snow in South Island. You can see them in my latest post "Heather Behind Lens".