Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Déjà vu 7 - SMILE! You are on...

Once upon a time, in a land far far away... there was a Japanese princess name Naoko who was so bored with the palace life that she decided to sneak out and attend the first F1 race at Sepang circuit in Malaysia.

Being of royal decent she was admitted to the prestigious Petronas stand and while taking her plate of food to her seat she was spotted by the notorious paparazzi Leow-San, who took a series of exclusive pictures of Her Highness! But wait! She seems to enjoyed her pictures being taken!

Ha ha ha.... SMILE! You are on Candid Camera! My Japanese friend Naoko Yamamoto who was a Editor at News Net Asia, KL; was at the first F1 race where her pictures were snapped by yours truly. Photography is about fun...

There were some nice comments from my net friends:

"Its fresh to see someone didn't mind getting her picture take!" - Niall "
"She's very photogenic. Lovely. You've captured a good candid moment and she gets increasingly happier from left to right. Photography should be fun, I agree." - M.Schack -

"Hi didn't spot me falling on my face behind you did you when you took these! ;-))) smashing picture and a great should write a book/memories...with picture accompaniments...i would buy it - a great read it would be!..take it easy.." - Rob -

"Good fun shots,it looks pretty obvious that this young person either knew who you were or else she was just happy to be photographed.
The first shot says, who the hell is this taking my photo.The second is a smile of recognition and surprise. The last two more or less say,that's enough.

Japanese women, in most cases are always fun to be with, they enjoy life.

I think the middle two photo's would be my choice, should I be an editor. As usual good fun pics" - Kiwi Clive -

"Great series and great comments CY. Yes, it should be fun.... even if some try to take the fun out of it... for those of us who enjoy life this is just another aspect to enjoy. You do people well.... I'm learning!" - G.Fay -

Famous Last Words:

The last I heard, our "Princess" married her prince in Scandinavia. I hope she found what she was looking for and live happily ever after!

Thanks for the memory :)

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heather said...

Nice one! She looks so happy.Sooo,.. Princess Naoko married a Scandinavian and became the Snow queen.That`s the beauty of the world being condensed into a global village... the world becomes a great big melting pot. As the song says"and coffee coloured people by the score".Bring it on, I say!