Saturday, December 4, 2010

These Boots Are Made For...


According to Wikipedia:

"Gumboot Day is a native celebration of Taihape, New Zealand. It occurs the Tuesday after Easter, and has been a regular event since 1985. It is a celebration of all things to do with gumboots, and includes the famous gumboot throwing contest.
The aim of the festival is to break the world record for the longest gumboot throw. It is a family event, which includes a number of other competitions such as the best-dressed gumboot and ‘shoot the loop’ with gumboots.
Gumboots can also be tossed skyward on any day of the year in the official Gumboot throwing lane located in the 'Outback', just behind Taihape's main shopping center."
On Friday it was gumboot throwing day at my office (NZMS and DI).
Many of my colleagues discovered on Friday that throwing gumboot is not as simple as they imagine!
Just look at the different "styles" of their throw, we all had a really good laugh!

The "High Over The Head Style" that fall short!

The "Ten-Pin Bowling Style", no "strike" for this technique!

The punchy Mohammad Ali's "Right Hook Style"!

Not another right hook!

The Chinese "White Crane Stretch Wings style" and letting the boot fly!

The "Greek javelin throwing style", winner; not!

The "I Am Your Boss style", impressive indeed!

In the Nick of time! No prize for knowing the winning thrower's name!

The "David Coperfield levitation style", magic in the air!

The "Watch the Boomerang Style", boot of no return!

"I Don't Dare To Watch Style", getting nowhere!

The "Tongue In Cheek Style", take that!

The "Shane Bond Bowling Style"! Hello, this is NOT a cricket match!
I created a 40"x40" photomontage of all our staff member to commemorate an office function which was "covered" by three photographers :)

In the mean time, Nancy Sinatra think that "These Boots Are Made For Walking"!

 Famous Last Word:

This shot of our boss, Andy; was taken with my E-P2-Leica combo. I wrote about the set up in April.
I used the Leica-M 90 mm f2 Summicron for this shot. Exposure was ISO 200, f5.6; 1/1,000 sec.
Below is a 100% crop, take a look at the resolution of this 1975 lens!

Just as well I kept the lens! There was a time when I was gonna get rid of all my manual focus glass ;)

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heather said...

Ha ha!!I laughed again when I saw the photos!I think Nigel has the best throwing technique. He tightens up then unwinds like a well oiled spring.Shame about the results!Cory looks like a war mongering Viking warrior!A good day was had by all.May fame and fortune follow the photographers and the gumboot throwers!(Eat your heart out NatGeo.)