Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hotshots - A Tribute To Photographers Of The Star

I step into our office at 9 am this morning and our receptionist told me there is a courier pack on my desk!

What can it be? I don't recall I ordered anything from the net.

My heart missed a beat when I remove the content from the pack!

A spanking new, hot off the press copy of Hotshots, a commemorative coffee table book of "40 years of great news images by The Star photographers"!

40 YEARS LATER, ITS ABOUT BLOODY TIME!! I can't help but muttering to myself  ;)

There is also a thank you card inside the courier bag.

 The card is from June H.L. Wong, Editor of Hotshots and Managing Editor of The Star; she thank me for my help and input.

"You are such an important part of the book as well as Star's history. Thanks again for all your generous help."

My generous help were the hundreds of emails between me and young YC Meng (Meng Yew Choong) who is a writer for the book.

So what is the book like?

To tell you the truth, it has been doing its round at my office and everyone who browse through it; was impressed!  All think the cover design is really professional :)

Back home, I myself only have a chance to go through the book, page by page; at 8 pm!  I can't let the book go till I am at the last page! It is that kind of book... but may be I am getting old, melancholy!

After I finished, I had tears in my eyes!  Why?  This compilation of 40 years of great, historical; decisive news images by EVERY Star photographers, past and present is like a VINDICATION of sort...

A vindication for the team of photographers I lead in my third time as Picture Editor at The Star, where the team of Editors have no respect for our work!

Thank goodness to the present team who finally show the world The Star have some of the best photographers!

Who said a hard as nail old photographer cannot shed tears ;)

If after reading my rant and you still want a copy of Hotshot, here is the good news;  this large, hi gross; 250 page book is selling at RM59.90 at bookstores.

Now the BAD NEWS... Star Publications will launch this historical pictorial somewhere in November this year.

Because of that I cannot show you whats inside the book :(

Sorry you will have to wait, but believe you me; the waiting is WORTH IT!


I remember June when she was a cub reporter and the time we were looking for "human interest" pictures at Zoo Negara.

My shot of the "Nervous Monkey" with June's snappy caption made it big in The Star.

But did you know she took some sequence shots of the naughty monkey trying to relief me of my Nikon SLR?  Ha ha ha...

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