Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nikkor 80-200 f4 on E-P2

I heard on the radio that the WHOLE New Zealand Navy are docked at Queens Wharf today! Dreaming of a spectacular aerial view from Mt Victoria, I packed my E-P2 and my old faithful; the 25 year old Nikkor 80-200 f4 zoom and head for the hill.

My 25 year old 80-200 zoom mount to the E-P2 with a Voigtlander F adapter.

Well, my dream turned into a nightmare; up at the look out I discovered the 7 fleet (I mean ship ;) ) are docked in different spot; no spectacular shot for me!

It was then I remember that I had never taken any shot with this "Good Old Glass" on the E-P2!
This is a good chance to see if it perform as well as on the Nikon D300 body!

From where I was, I can see Wellington Airport; the top picture was shot at 200 mm f5.6. The E-P2 was on continuous. Nine frames were taken of the plane lifting off.  The lower picture is a 100% crop of another frame.

This is Hataitai and the suburb of Kilbirnie and Miramar on the top. 80 mm was used for this shot.

The small marina at Miramar, this is a 100% crop.

A 200% crop from a 200 mm shot. I think the zoom can do better than that!

Famous Last Words...

I was not totally impress with the performance of this old zoom, I know it can perform better than this! Like when it was used on a D300 body.

I think the chunky lens is too front heavy for a small camera body like the E-P2.

Even with the excellent VF2 electronic view finder, the front heavy set up is hard to focus accurately.  Don't even bother if you do not have a VF2!

My next test will be with the same combo on a solid tripod, lets see if that make any difference.

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heather said...

I thought the body of the camera looked to small for the lense too.It`s like a small lady with huge heavy!