Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Foggy Day!

Another two days, 2009 will be history! Here we are, stuck in our little house in Karori. Why? Take a look outside, it is all misty; on a day like this the best thing is to chill out in front of our computers! Our favorite pass-time! ;)

In New Zealand, this time of the year is known as the "silly season"; large part of the population went on holiday and business slow to a crawl.

Where I work, we were let off from 24th December and we will chill till 11th January. Usually, we took this "shutting down" period to go traveling. This year we are saving what ever left of our leave for a important April trip :)

While tidying my photo archives I spotted this pano of our Karori valley I shot a while back, unlike today it was a beautiful sunny day!

The embedded meta data told me the pano was shot with my D300 DSLR and the 15 years old Nikkor 20/2.8 lens. What a glorious view from our deck on a day like this!

You must click on the picture to see a glorious sunny Karori day!

As for today, I went on the deck and shot a series of shots with my Canon G9; hand held. It was a lazy way to shoot panos really, as expected the stitch look terrible!

Second time round I mount the G9 on my tiny Slik tripod and shot the same scene again.

Photoshop CS4 took nearly 25 minutes to stitch the seven shots together, but what a great job it did! The pano came out perfect! Take a look!

Click on the picture to see a foggy Karori valley!

On the right of the pano is my humble aboard, you might notice all the houses in this pictures are made of wood? Believe you me, during an earthquake, you do not want to be inside a brick house! Earthquakes are pretty common in New Zealand :)

OK... that's that, back to my chilling out. Have a great day, where ever you are!

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iml said...

A Very Happy 2010 to you, wife and the girls.