Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween @ Karori

Every year at this time, in Karori; our house are invaded by little "monsters"!

To appease them we have little bags of sweets and goodies ready, they are happy; so are we ;)

Halloween is big business in America! Just Google the word return a whopping "About 807,000,000 results"! Horror ;)

According to Reuters, the 10 BEST places to celebrate Halloween are:

1. Salem, Massachusetts
2. Bran, Romania
3. London, England
4. New Orleans, Louisiana
5. New York, New York
6. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
7. Tombstone, Arizona
8. Forks, Washington
9. Orlando, Florida
10.Long Beach, California

New Zealand not even in the radar! Ha ha ha...

Every year the little monsters understood that they get their sweets and I get to take their pictures! Not a bad deal? :)

Happy mums with happy little "monsters" in 2008.

Monsters approaching our front door!

They are "BAD"! With sharp weapon too ;)

Monsters leaving us alone after receiving their sweets!

Little witches going down our drive way!

Look like they get meaner every year! ;)

One for the album before I go and eat some poor bugger ;)

The friendly one, did I not see you last year? ;)

While the little one are enjoying themselves, plenty of adults are doing the same! Tell you a secret, Kiwis love fancy dress! I found out our daughter Ming is having a Halloween party at her flat, I request for some picture and got some nice one!!
Snow White and the Evil Queen, poisonous apple included ;)

Horror Movie, Kiwi style ;)



It doesn't seems that long ago when our two girls are having their first Halloween in Karori!

Fast rewind to 1989!

Ming with friends...

May with friends...

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