Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Leica E-P2, and Summilux-M

While carrying out the Leica E-P2 Landscape test on Saturday, I discovered I FORGOT to bring with me the BRIGHTEST and TINIEST Leica M lens! Early Alzheimer warning? Oh dear ;)

The lens that I forgot was of course the Leica 35/1.4 Summilux-M!

Small wonder... ultra bright for a small glass!

This Leica 35mm f/1.4 was the world's fastest ultra-speed wide-angle lens at its introduction in 1960!!

According to Ken Rockwell...

"LEICA has always called its f/1.4 lenses "SUMMILUX," regardless of focal length or optical design. Thus SUMMILUX is a meaningless trademark, not any indicator of lens age, quality or design. All these lenses are sold as "SUMMILUX" lenses."

"This 35mm SUMMILUX was so popular that it reined as Leica's supreme ultra-speed wide lens for almost thirty years through 1990, when the greatly improved optically (but much bigger) 35mm f/1.4 Aspherical was introduced."

The Summilux-M mounted on the E-P2 via an adapter. Due to the micro 4/3 sensor the lens behave like a 70 mm f1.4.

It turn out to be a really sunny day, I could have redo the landscape shoot; but life is not all about lens test, we got our Sunday warrants to run!

On my way out I can see our neighbor's kids jumping on the trampoline, I went back into the living room; grab my E-P2 with the Summilux and took a few shots at f5.6 ISO 200. The camera is set to "A" (aperture priority).

Without the electronic contact on the lens, the E-P2 had no idea what aperture setting the lens is at. The camera just set the shutter speed to the light coming in through the lens and gave an accurate exposure.

Bouncing neighbour's kids... this might be a no big deal picture to you, but I am examining the photo and was amazed how a 1979 lens that was designed in the 1960; gave such optically perfect result on a digital camera!

Zooming in for a 100% cut show how well the integrity of it's optical resolution is holding up!

Later in the evening, I took a few available light shot of an indoor plant near our living room window; ISO was at 800, the Summilux was set to full f1.4 and exposure was about 1/20 sec.

At full f1.4 the small wonder was a bit soft but have a pastel like rendering :)

I admit this test is a bit haphazard, I promise the Summilux will be seeing landscape soon ;)


aiki.monkie said...

Hi JY, if you could have only one camera, would you choose to keep the EP-2 or the G12?

cy.leow said...

Hi aiki,
If I only have ONE choice, I guess I will keep the E-P2 just because it can take other lenses :)
CY.. not JY ;)

AM said...

Sorry CY! And thanks for responding :) I just got a G12 recently. I love the camera and am amazed by what it does. I should add that I am new to photography and got the G12 to get more serious in taking up this hobby. I guess I'm having some buyer remorse now!

cy.leow said...

No remorse! G12 best little camera ever :)
Do try to learn more about setting "A" "T" "P" and what they can do for you.
Beauty of digital, now you can shoot to your heart content and not paying for films! What a great learning tool!
Have fun!