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Elle Moment!

Saturday, gloomy winter weather; cold and wet... what better time to tidy up my pictures archive :)

Found this old post that is worth posting again.

Elle is Elle McPherson, according to Wikipedia:

Elle Macpherson (play /ˈɛl məkˈfɜrsən/; born 29 March 1963) is an Australian model, actress, and businesswoman nicknamed "The Body". She is perhaps best known for her record six cover appearances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue beginning in the 1980s.

She is also known as the founder and primary model for a series of business ventures including Elle Macpherson Intimates, a lingerie line, and "The Body", a line of skin care products. According to Forbes, Macpherson possesses assets around $60 million. In 2010, she became the host and executive producer of Britain's Next Top Model.

My picture of super model Elle appeared in the Dominion feature story, written by Raybon Kan.

My story...

As a photojournalist I find photographing people the most demanding but most fulfilling, this is especially true when you are able to capture that "fleeting" moment or "the decisive moment"; a phrase a lot of photographers misused .

While working as the Picture Editor at a Wellington newspaper, I was invited by my contact to a fashion show cum the appearance of Australian super model Elle McPherson who is going to launch a new Bendon bra!

I, like hundreds other who attended, brought our camera along; hoping to get a shot of Elle.

When Elle appeared on stage, all the lenses; flashes were bombarding her... at that moment I noticed the multitude of expressions on all the faces, most in awe; or envy of her beauty (but some in jealousy)? :-)

Go on... look at all those faces!!

I grabbed one shot with my Leica.

Moment like this only happened in an instant, There are no chance of a "second shot", I suppose that is why it is "decisive"?

The photographer who was assigned to cover the event was wrapped up in shooting Elle, just like the other hundreds of "snap shooters".

The News Editor picked my picture and ran it big on the front of The Dominion.

You know, after 40 odd years of shooting pictures, I still get a kick out of seeing my picture run well and big on the front page ;)

Famous Last Words...

This is one picture I like to use to illustrate a point when I am conducting photography workshop to young photojournalist wannabe.

When you are at a job, keep your eyes peel for unusual angle; train yourself to react to a fast breaking situation and do not follow blindly what "the others" do.

*** The quality of the scan is not as good as I like because I do not have the negative, this is a scan from a 8X10 colour print.

Some comments from the original post:

"It's photojournalism at its finest!" - Ed Greene
"What an interesting capture! Yes, I do see a lot of different expressions: happy, envy, even jealousy! We pilots always talk about "situation awareness", this is a perfect demonstration of a photographer's situation awareness. Another lesson learned." - jyt747/Julian
"Great capture of 100+ wonderful expressions.You must have had a great time between all those wonder bra looking women!" - nikappleon/Harry
"I really like your story.... makes the shot totally understandable... you see, I'm one of those that missed the point originally... my problem, not yours! One of the things I appreciate about your work is that you frequently (always) take the unusual viewpoint... that's great.... wish I could do the same.

"The best story's and frequently the best pictures are the ones that are there every day, but nobody has discovered them yet! You did!" - G.Fay
"Hey. how come all those Kiwi's got such nice sun tans, especially in Wellington, thats a cold, windy and wet place!

Once again, you have hit the headlines,this is terrific. Must have been some joke that she said,you certainly caught the shot at the decisive moment.

The clarity and depth is really good, colours also have come out well considering the fluoro lighting. The picture give a feeling of warmth and joviality.

The only thing I find disturbing is that the verticles are not straight.

Journalistic privilege :-) " - Clive/Kiwi
"Fish-eye lens again, CY!!!!

Well, I guess my brain is gradually adapting, because I can watch this one without getting dizzy!
Your angle gives a lot of dynamism and perspective.
Great framing/cropping.

I agree with Steve, the study of the various expressions captured here is fascinating…
Most are hilarious, but you can spot:

- the envious look of the girl sitting on the left of the front row…

- the girl in the blue sweater turning round to make a (bitchy?) comment…

- the old couple, and the admiring look the husband gives his wife, not Elle!!!

The neat geometrical lines on the ceiling contrast with the human jumble…

I like the way Elle - the center of attention - is placed in the far right corner, giving balance to the whole composition.

You were present… What caused this general outburst of hilarity???

PS: So this is NO FISH EYE???? (OOOPS) sorry about that... another proof of my being a layman!" - Marie-Hélène
"I'll tell you a great story.

The new wonder bra was being launched in Belfast.

The set up picture was a girl wearing the new bra standing in font of the billboard.

To get a few inches more height two local barmen were instructed to put a piece of wood on two beer crates for the girl to stand on.

Most of the papers ran with an 80mm shot of the model and the billboard behind her.

However, my mentor Brendan Murphy did a 20 mm of the whole scene; including the two lusty barmen crouching below the girl holding the board in place!

He called the picture, " its a dirty job but somebodies got a do it".

That was the time I was a trainee and that picture more than any taught me to step back and see the bigger picture!

Keep up the great work and the great stories" - niallc/Niall
"Hi Leow! Wow! Thats amazing!

I can spend hours going through and study each and every one of the expression." -Steve Chong

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