Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo Printed More Than A Million Time!

The highest circulated Malaysian English daily, The Star; is rushing to complete their 40th anniversary book on what us pioneers contributed to "The People's Paper".

This time round, photographers are being honored; about bloody time too!

The book, hopefully; will feature some of the BEST pictures that made The Star famous.

Among the thousands of pictures taken is a Decisive Moment shot that has been printed more than a MILLION times ;)

I am proud that yours truly took that picture!

1986, Pulau Tikus; Penang...

After a two year stint with The New Straits Times, I rejoined The Star; the second time.

I was covering the Malaysian general election in Penang, at the Pulau Tikus polling center I spotted this boy waiting for his mother to cast her vote.

There were two issues here, you spotted the boy; you realised it is a decisive moment; the next FIVE seconds will decide how FAST and how well PREPARED you are with your camera!

Within seconds the boy left, the moment was; decisive after all!

When Is It My Turn?

Why didn't the other photographers beside me SEE and CAPTURE the moment?

The picture was ran on the front page of The Star.

The same picture was again used for the front of the 1999 General Election Special of The Star!

Then used in the promotion pamphlets to promote the 2004 Malaysian General Election.

Also in 2004, the same picture was used during the general election promotion, this time round it was made into buntings and backdrops and were erected all over Malaysia!

A rough calculation will tell you that this pictures has been printed more than a MILLION TIMES! Wow!!

How is that for a record?

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