Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Perfect Video Frame Grab With JVC GC-PX10

Last February I wrote about the Power Of Video Frame Grab, I showed you how it was done and you have seen some delightful video stills of beautiful Zhang Lei performing a Guzheng recital.

These high quality stills were extracted from a short video taken with my Canon G9 P&S camera.

Since the G9 was on a tripod, it has removed the hand hold movement out of the equation; this has result in sharper video frames which in turn contributed to better stills grab.

Compare those grab to the one below which was from a hand held camera...

For years photojournalist like me has been dreaming of a camera that can shoot HD video and yet allow us to grab a high res frame for publication.

May be that day has arrived!!

Enter JVC GC-PX 10 Full HD 12MP 32GB Hybrid Camera!

This is what JVC said about their new wonder boy :

"Life can change in a split second. An athlete can win or lose a match, or a nature watcher can catch or miss a crucial moment. 

That once-in-a-lifetime hero shot can happen any time, and it’s all yours, if you’re ready. 

GC-PX10 allows you to capture scenes and discover what’s really there — through high-resolution digital stills at 50 frames per second, or progressive Full HD videos from which you can grab the best frame as a digital still, or with 250 fps high-speed recording to slow the action down and see what you’ve been missing. 

Grab the GC-PX10, and get ready to capture every split second, and seize every moment.

GC-PX10 is not a video camera that also records stills, nor is it a digital still camera that also records videos.

It is a true hybrid that has been redesigned to provide satisfaction no matter what you choose to record, and offers unique advantages of being an all-in-one camera."

 I learned that GC-PX10 was created based on a single premise — that beautiful video consists of a series of beautiful still images.

 Since the sampling rate is an extremely fast 36 Mbps, the visual information included in each frame is extremely clear and detailed. What this means for the user is that he or she can shoot hours of video and later go back to pick out any moment and save it as a high quality still image
 JVC GC-PX10 Features List

• 32GB Built-in Flash Memory
• Memory Card Slot for SDXC/SDHC/SD
• Full HD 1920x1080/60P Recording
• 36Mbps High Bit Rate Recording
• Extract Stills from 36Mbps Full HD Video
• Up to 300fps Ultra High-Speed Video Recording (approx. 2 hours)
• Up to 60fps 8.3M Stills Continuous Shooting
• 12M Stills 30fps Continuous Shooting
• Simultaneous Full HD Video & 8.3M Still Shooting
• 10x Optical Zoom / 19x Dynamic Zoom* / 64x Digital Zoom
• Super LoLux & 12.75M Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor for bright images even in low-light situations
• Optical Image Stabilizer & Advanced Image Stabilizer
• High Sensitivity ISO6400 / Real 12M Stills with No Interpolation
• Intelligent AUTO
• iFrame Video Recording Mode
• Face Detection
• Smile Meter / Smile Shot (still mode)
• Time-Lapse REC / Auto REC
• K2 Technology for High Quality Sound
• 3.0-inch Tiltable Touch Panel LCD Monitor
• Easy-control Mode Dial
• HDMI® Output (Mini)
• Built-in Auto Flash
• Easy Upload to YouTube™ / Facebook / Vimeo
• Easy Export to iTunes (iPad Compatible)
• Eye-Fi Card Ready for Wi-Fi Connection**
• LoiLoScope FX Software (Windows®) Provided

The camera is listed at A$1,099.00 and should be available next month.

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heather said...

Lovely! Ahaaa! That`s why they have tripods!The instrument the lady is playing is interesting.. there are similar instruments which are native to Hawaii and The USA, and I`m sure some of the Eastern European countries too.

Anonymous said...

JVC GC-PX10 is amazing !
where i buy this camera in K.L ? plz help me

cy.leow said...

Hello Reza,
Obviously you did not realised I am in New Zealand?
I suppose you can try the shops at Sungei Wang ;)