Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wellington RWC Quarter Final Afternoon

By now all you ruby nuts knew, talk about, boast about how the Wallabies won their thrilling Rugby World Cup quarter final against South Africa in Wellington.

Me? Whatever! Do I care? No!

After a week of rain and groom, the sun finally shone on Wellington as if to welcome the thousands of visitors from all over the world! So I was in town this afternoon too, to take in the quarter final atmosphere :)

It only took me 10 minutes to drive from my house (in Karori) to the CBD, then in another 5 minutes I have park my VRX in Courtenay Central!

Did I tell you I love Wellington?

I had with me my 3 year old Nikon D300 with the 25 year old 80-200 f4 manual zoom, the Canon G12 came along as backup.

This is what I saw when I came out of Courtenay Central, the whole Courtenay Place has been blocked off from traffic since Friday night.

Looking to my right, outside Coutenay Central; towards the CBD. It is not often you can get a shot (G12) of Courtney Place like this!
Further down from Courtenay Place, the ever busy Taranaki Street look strangely deserted!
Who are they supporting? Kentucky Fried Chicken?
Are these South Africa supporters? You can see how clueless I am about rugby!
Believe me, that bum is not real! Ha ha ha...
Notice the "quality" natural light here, it is strong but not overly harsh to wash out the details.  Picture like this reconfirm how good this 25 year old zoom is!
This is a 200% crop from the same photo above. What a lens! If you can get it in focus, that is; the D300's focusing screen don't make it easier!!
No prize for telling who he is supporting!
Even little baby are not spared from this rugby craze!
It has been a nice afternoon stroll in town, I even drop into Little Penang; they open for business just for this special Sunday.  Good on you guys!

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