Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Color Fidelity Of E-P2 Kit Lens

It is Halloween again :)

We got home rather late at 7pm, get our sweets and lollies ready and watch group of fancy dressed children walk past our house!

Eh?  They came for trick or treat last year, why not this time?

We only learn why when a visiting neighbour told us the kids only knock on door of house when they see a balloon tied on the fence!

When was that rule implemented?  DUH!

Thank goodness some kids did come or we will have to eat all the lollies ourselves!

Waiting for the BIG HAND OUT ;)

This little Spider Man (boy?) simply refuse to look at my G12 :)
Little Spider Man crawling away when Le General try to hold him :)
Mum keeping an eye on her little "monster" coming up our drive way.
Those shots you see above were shot with my Canon G12, it was 7.20 pm, I was a bit disappointed with the rather "cold" color of the point & shoot.

From memory, light at this time (7 pm +) of the year should be "warm" and wanting!

When I saw our next door neighbour's kids approaching, I went for my Olympus E-P2.

Wow! Look at the colour fidelity of the "cheap" kit (zoom) lens on the E-P2!

Diwa Labs did test this Olympus 14-42 f/3.5-5.6 kit zoom, the result was not very exciting; especially the chromatic aberration was "annoying" in all f stops!

Can you see any CA on the above picture?

I cannot!

Famous Last Words:

Stop worrying about what the lens test show... lenses are for taking pictures, not shooting charts!

Oh... contrary to popular believes, a "kit zoom" can produce beautiful colour fidelity too!

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