Sunday, February 26, 2012

They Shoot Possum With G12 Don't They?

This happen 15 minutes ago, we heard a noise at our back door; Le General went to investigate, she turn on the back door light and saw this possum sitting there staring at her. :)

After seeing the big eye marsupial, I went and get my Canon G12 and the Sunpak RD2000 flash.

According to Wikipedia...

A possum (plural form: possums) is any of about 70 small to medium-sized arboreal marsupial species native to Australia, New Guinea, and Sulawesi (and introduced to New Zealand and China).

The common brushtail possum was introduced to New Zealand by European settlers in an attempt to establish a fur industry. Its numbers in New Zealand have risen to the point where it is considered a pest.
There are no native predators of the possum in New Zealand. There have been numerous attempts to eradicate them, because of the damage they do to native trees and wildlife, as well as acting as a carrier of bovine tuberculosis. For New Zealand, the ecologically disastrous effects of the introduction of possums can be described as similar to that of the introduction of rabbits and cane toads in Australia.

Not wanting the little rodent attacking me, I shot these pictures through the back door glass.  The little Sunpak punch out enough light to enable a exposure of f7.2 @ ISO 400.

Look at her left arm, I think she is holding a little baby possum!

 Just to show you what the tiny sensor of the G12 can do, here is a 200% crop. See her hand holding on to a little one?

I was amazed that little possum did not even blink even after looking straight at my flash!  Must be terribly blindingly BRIGHT to her  ;)

Good night mother possum and little possum, where ever you are.

Watch this video and you might not want to approach a possum  :)

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