Saturday, March 10, 2012

Canon G1-X advert Made a Boo Boo!

Singapore magazine “TODAY” on Friday March 9 posted a Canon G1 X advertisement (see on top), that boast about their humongous CMOS sensor in their G1-X compared to the much much smaller Micro Four-Third!

Take a look at the size comparison diagram in the ad ;)

Obviously Canon DID NOT proof read the ad!  Below is my diagram when I posted a story on their G1-X...

As you can see, Canon MISTAKEN the MUCH SMALLER Nikon 1 sensor as the M4/3!

The small size differences between the M4/3 and G1-X means they BOTH are able to give similar top notch results!

Canon can made a mistake like that?

At least Olympus and Panasonic are overjoy though, because this proves that to Canon, Micro Four Thirds is their strongest competitor!!  ;)

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heather said...

haha! I wonder how many others picked up that mistake. It`s hard to believe that a reputable company like Canon could make such a glaring mistake! Shame on them!