Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stunning Samples From Canon 5D Mklll !

Canon Japan has posted a number of stunning full-resolution sample photos taken with their new EOS 5D Mark III DSLR camera.

The sample pictures were taken at various ISO settings ranging from ISO 100/21° to ISO 3200/36°, using a variety of Canon L lenses.

The first sample shot of a Aurora was taken with a EF35mm F1.4Llens @ ISO 800 f2.8 and 8 full second.

A 100% crop of the top picture, those are the stars; NOT dead pixels! Duh!

Same scene was then shot with a EF24mm F1.4L II lens @ ISO 6,400 f2.8 0.6 sec. The white balance was set to 4,000K. Like the top picture, the image size is a whopping 126 MB.

Frankly, I am not very impress with the 100% crop. Grain were very obvious with this ISO 6,400 shot. Then again, this is only a JPEG.

A outdoor fashion shot taken with EF24-70mm F2.8L @ ISO100 f16 1/250. According to Google translate ホワイトバランス:オートピクチャースタイル:ポートレートmeant White Balance:Auto  Picture Style:Portrait.

 I might be wrong, but don't her hair look slightly blurred? It could be the breeze but it could also be the f16 used. Diffraction becoming obvious at this f setting? The red is stunning though and I cannot see any moire on the fabric.

A outdoor portrait shot with the EF300mm F2.8L IS II telephoto @ ISO100 f3.5 1/400.  The EF300 L is well known for its sharpness.

100% crop of the model's eyes, is the new 5D MkIII  "The newly designed 61-Point High Density Reticular AF features an Offset Array Sensor (with staggering AF point arrangement) to deliver greater accuracy, no matter the situation." good enough?  See below...

This is 400% crop!  Look like the 5D MkIII AF is spot on!!!

Indoor wedding shot with a EF50mm F1.2L ultra bright prime lens @ ISO 3,200 f7.2  1/80. 

I like the bokeh of this 50mm! Smooth!

A sports shot to show the 5D MkIII can also shoot fast action shots, even with the peak action off center! ;)

The new AF of the MkIII in action!  Oh... this was shot with EF17-40mm F4L @ ISO 200  f5.6  1/4,000.

A stunning still life study of cherries, shot with TS-E90mm F2.8 (tilt-shift lens) @ ISO 100  f11  1/80.  White balance was set to 5200K.

Wow!  Who need large format?   ;)

At the same web site are also three EOS 5D Mark III sample movies, each complete with a “making of” video which I find very interesting.

I tried to "grab" the video and upload to You Tube but I cannot get smooth results. Do go and view the video at the Canon site!

Mario and Nette is a modern and strange fairytale. Entirely shot with brand new Canon EOS 5D Mark III.  This film was uploaded by Canon, France.


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