Monday, January 14, 2013

Vietnamese Restaurant & Cafe @ Petone

Often on Sunday night I get lazy to cook dinner ;)

After all, there are only three of us (younger daughter come for dinner every Sunday night).  When I get lazy, it is also a good excuse to try out the latest restaurant in / around Wellington!

During the last two years, Jackson Street in Petone have become very popular for restaurants and cafes; there are a few eateries there that we adored!  So three weeks ago while driving through Jackson Street we noticed this NEW Vietnamese R&C, I mean; look at the brightly coloured shop front, it is hard to miss!  We promised ourselves we will have to taste test their offering.

So last night the three of us, armed with hungry tummies; we went to this relatively new (we were told they opened 5 months ago) restaurant.

We were mildly surprised that the place was fairly packed on a Sunday night!  We were shown to our table very quickly, I find the decor simple and breezy.

Simple, no frills interior of the Vietnamese R&C... my candid shot captured the proprietor and Chef, Hoang Bui attending to a customer.

What we ordered...

For appetisers we have "Mussel nurong dau olive", these are New Zealand green lipped mussels grilled with extra virgin oil and topped with onion and ginger. There is a clear sweets sour sauce to go on top of the grilled shellfish.  ( $10.00 NZ )

We all enjoyed the mussels, the taste was not overpowering; some might say they were a little bland.  The sauce enhanced the molasses.

"Banh Cuon", left; rice flour rolls (NOT rice flower as in the menu) pan fried with shallot and trim pork mince and served with their special "house fish sauce".  ( $8.00 NZ )

Again, a rather subtle taste; done purposely to savor the house fish sauce?

Our Main...

The classic "Pho Tai" or Rare Beef Soup with rice noodles. As you probably know, Phở is a noodle soup with a rich, clear broth made from a long boiling of meat and spices.( $11.80 NZ )

Under the menu's "Noodles" page, you can have your Pho in different ways! Apart from rare beef, you can have your soup with well done beef, chicken and pork.

We find the Pho full of beefy flavors and the rare beef very tender, the serving (to our appetite) was HUGE.  I reckoned two person can share a bowl easy :)  Good value!

"Bun Cha Gio" - Rice vermicelli with halved spring rolls, served with lettuce, mint; coriander, and bean sprouts. You can add to the mixture a homemade fish sauce or sweet chili sauce.   ( $12.00 NZ )

This is Le General's favorite Vietnamese fare, she commented the sauce, which is the most important favor enhancer; was not sour enough.

"Cà Ri Cừu" - Lamb Curry with cauliflower, celery; carrot, potato and kumara; with rice. This curry is listed under the "Vietnamese Special Curries" page in the menu.  Instead of lamb, you can also have the same curry with beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian.  ( $12.50 NZ )

Coming from Malaysia, where good curries are common; we find this curry ok but nothing to shout about ;)

Because of the large portions of our main, we only ordered one dessert; the "Che Dau Den" which is black bean with coconut cream and ice.  ( $4.00 NZ )

We were disappointed that most of the 8 dessert selections were not available.

Overall - Vietnamese Restaurant & Cafe provided fast and pleasant service, robust Vietnamese home cooking; large servings and value for money.

Our bill (3 of us) came to $61.30 NZ.

We will be back to try out their other dishes.

Vietnamese Restaurant & Cafe (open 7 days)
143 Jackson Street

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heather said...

$61 is a good price for a family meal!That`s one place we will go to soon. I like the idea of rare beef soup and the lamb curry.
The decor is nice too.