Monday, February 25, 2013

Wellington Gangnam Last Day of CNY :)

Every year the Chinese communities of Wellington put on a show for Chinese New Year.

The ‘flagship’ of Wellington’s Chinese New Year Festival is Festival Day, with a programme that reflects all the traditional aspects of a Chinese New Year celebration, and is showcased as the finale of this Wellington event.

Last year we were not in Wellington because we went to Auckland to see their marvelous CNY Lantern Festival, this year since we are here we went to the festival, as usual at the Frank Kitts Park.

Every year, the celebration at the park is "same old, same old"; we went because Wellington is a small city and the festival is a good place to bump into friends you have not seen for a while ;)

As usual I shoot and post some photos of the stage performance at the park, this year I noticed there are three "characters" I have not seen before!

It turn out that Santaizi (the Three Princes) came all the way from Taiwan to perform on our Wellington stage!

Taking the cue from the little boy, the Three Princes did Gangnam Style!   

Watch my video below ;)

No, PSY was not in Wellington and we did not spend a couple million Ringgit for our Gangnam dance either ;)

The huge crowd at the park watching the stage performance, it was a sunny day alright... you can't beat Wellington on a good day!

It was such a sunny day that some of the kids use the red CNY banner as a sun shade :)

This was also the day that proud parents watch their children perform on stage.

Watch the video of the children from the Yau Yih Yun Wellington Chinese Language Preschool perform.

Grown ups got a chance to show off too, ladies from the WNCFA (Wellington New Chinese Friendship Association) 惠灵顿新华人联谊会 performing the Loulan bride dance.

Our friends from Asian Fusion Wellington Dance Company did a delightful CNY dance, this picture is a video grab; watch the dance below.

What is CNY without the traditional Dragon Dance? Here the WCSCC Dragon Dance Group demonstrated a roaring performance!

And there was a line dance demo by our friends too...

Food, glorious food; where Chinese gathers, food follows...

 Little Penang was there, our friend Tee was seen here dishing out their Penang goodies!

 So were some Malaysian students with a food stall promoting Malaysia.

You are wondering what camera equipment I took to the park?

I try to be as light as possible with only my OM-D E-M5 and two lenses, the 7-14 zoom and the 75-175; both Panasonic.

The days of lugging heavy DSLRs are long over for me, unlike our friend; Chris, below. See how many Nikons BIG DSLR and BIG Nikon lenses are with him at the park!  I envy you Chris ;)

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heather said...

Looks amazing! I didn`t even know it was on.It`s good they are keeping the traditions and identity alive through the younger generation.