Friday, March 1, 2013

My Kingston MobileLite G3

My new Kingston MobilLite G3 arrive this morning, this G3 is not a Mac; duh! It is a card reader!

 In April 2012 Kingston Digital, Inc., announced  it has released the third generation of its popular MobileLite portable card reader.

MobileLite G3 is a compact, multi-functional USB 3.0 card reader that lets users easily transfer digital data, photos, games, music and more stored on memory expansion cards between all kinds of digital devices.

MobileLite G3 meets the USB 3.0 specification and SDA 3.01 standard, and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

There are thousands of reviews on this pocket-able card reader, so I won't bore you with my rand.

 The G3 and the G2 (top), which is USB2 only.

I bought the MobileLite G2 more than two years ago and the compact reader is extensively used to transfer all my digital photos from SD cards to my Mac. Worked every time!  So when I found out the latest G3 is available at my favorite on-line store, ASCENT; I ordered one!

My "tech savy" work colleague think I am silly, he reckoned that since my iMac do not have USB3 interface, the new G3 is ONLY AS FAST as the older G2!

I did not debate with him because all those years working as a photojournalist has taught me NOT to make ASSUMPTIONS, unless I saw it or tested it myself ;)

The G3 and G2 with the my two A-Data Premier Pro SDHC Cards, these cards are FAST! (633X, Class 10) !!  At NZ$38.96 a pop, great stuff!

When I got home, I did a simple test...

One of the SD card still have the folder of RAW images taken by me at the CNY festival last Sunday.  The 4.8 GB folder contained 223 images.

The folder on the card was copied to my iMac (via the USB2 connection) with G2 then G3, here are the result of how long it take to copy...

With G2    -   4 minutes 5 seconds  or  245 seconds

With G3   -    2 minutes 29 seconds  or  149 seconds

Even on the same USB2 connection, the new G3 is 96 seconds, or 60% FASTER than the G2!

So my dear work colleague, please do not ASSUME an USB3 card reader cannot go faster with USB2 connect; it can!

Just for comparison, the same file was copied from my 4 year old SanDisk USB2 reader... 4 minutes 30 seconds!

Another feature I like about the MobileLite reader is, by pulling both ends of the reader; the plug and the inserted card are protected!

You might be wondering why I buy this small wonder from Ascent?

Apart from free next day delivery, great return policy; they also provide FIVE YEARS warranty!

No, I do not work for them ;)

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Anonymous said...

You are correct. I just made same test. I also have USB 2 only at my laptop. Tested with 5 different fast cards USB3 Kingston G3 and 3 other USB2 readers. And G3 with USB3 was average 54% faster (reading) than other USB2 readers with improved reading speed at all fast cards. consistent resutls. Writing was the same, as write speed is below 10-15MB/s.