Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Zǒu Mǎ Kàn Huā @ Sydney & Brisbane - day 3

Day 3, we found out that from where we stayed; we can walk our way to Sydney's Chinatown in 20 minutes!

I have read that Sydney's Chinatown is the largest in Australia. It is located in Haymarket, between Central Station and Darling Harbour. Unlike the Chinatowns in some other countries, Sydney's Chinatown has been relatively free of crime and hygiene issues.

I reckoned you have not visit Chinatown if you do not enjoy a "Yum Char" in this Chinese business district!

Market City, the outer walls of the original vegetable market, built in 1909, were preserved and restored as an example of Edwardian architecture. They were part of the original city markets—designed by city architect C.Broderick—which were bounded by Hay Street, Quay Street and Thomas Street. They were built to replace the old Belmore Market, which had failed because it was too far from Darling Harbour.

We asked a passerby where the best Yum Char is and he point us to Paddy's Market. (Situated in the pic of Market City, above) He said he cannot remember the restaurant's name but the food is good but pricey and usually there is a long queue to wait :)

Inside Paddy's Market you would think that Chinese New Year is still being celebrated!  It doesn't take too much effort to locate the queue at this restaurant called The Eight.

You know this is a big deal restaurant with a picture wall of celebrities who have dine here!

The Eight claimed to be a 800+ seat Yum Cha Restaurant! We don't even get restaurant half that size in Wellington!

Compare to Wellington, the price of food in this upmarket Sydney restaurant is not costly; we paid A$45.00, we normally paid the same amount back home. The quality and taste of the dishes here are way better than any of the Wellington Yum Char joint we have been!

Market City which is within Haymarket have all kind of shops that target the young people.  Shopping inside give you the illusion of shopping malls in Asia!

Sydney's produce markets were located in Haymarket from the early 20th century through to the 1980s when they were moved to a new site at Flemington. Paddy's Markets still operate on part of the site of the vegetable markets as a produce and flea market. The 'Market City' complex contains the markets, The Peak apartment building, a modern shopping centre featuring a food court, restaurants, boutiques, specialty shops and cinemas.

The Sight and Sound of Paddy's Vege and Fruits Market!

As we walk out of Market City to go to the Chinatown proper, I notice this young photographer to be taking portrait of his friend lying on the pavement ;)

Look like he was shooting video too!  May be he need a plain background for his film? Hee hee...

Pretty young things practicing "one for the album" in front of the Sydney Chinatown entrance, believe you me; you gotto be fast to get this shot.. using an OM-D and ultra-wide zoom helps ;)

Chinatown is lined with trees that provide the much need shades from the searing Sydney sun. You can just sit here and watch the world go by :)

The main attraction of Chinatown, to me; are the different type of restaurants. They even have a Malay Village! But instead of having something Malaysian we ended up having Taiwanese food...

I can assure you these Taiwanese lunch is not very exciting at all!

We left Chinatown at 5.30pm and walk back to our hotel at Kent Street.  It has been an interesting day :)

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