Monday, December 9, 2013

Lumix GM1 Rock With M43 Lenses

After throughly enjoy the compactness and feather weight of my Lumix GM1, I settle down to find out if the small wonder rock with the two Panasonic M43 zoom lenses I own.

The tiny Lumix GM1 dwarfed by the two M43 zoom lenses, the Lumix 45-175mm f/4-5.6 ASPH X  on the left and the ultra-wide Panasonic Lumix G Vario 7-14 mm F4.0 ASPH, right.

Surely BIG lenses (in relation to small GM1) will create an unbalance combo, making the set up difficult and uncomfortable to hold?

I was wrong!

The GM1 with 45-175 X zoom sat on my palm, the lens itself is light and the feather weight camera body add very little to the total heft; man, I never felt so relax holding a set up with coverage of 90-350 mm equivalent!!  Eat your heart out DSLR!

The stubby and heavier 7-14 ultra-wide is even happier with the GM1, seems both are made for each other!  The nice balance and a real comfort to hold!

I was ecstatic!

After dropping our Malaysian friend at the airport, 6am; we went back to sleep till 10.30 then decide how to spend our Monday off :)

After dropping off Le General for her line dancing in Johnsonville, I went to town and have my favorite "bak kut teh" at R&S Noodle House.

As usual I cannot resists taking a shot of my food ;)

With the GM1, it is such a convenience; the small wonder was sitting in my jacket's pocket!

Being a working week day the only place I get free parking is the Wellington Rose Garden, that is where I am going to test the GM1 combo.

This was the first shot I took in the Rose Garden, an visiting Punjab family were practicing the "watch the birdie" pose; one of our local wild duck decided to be in the picture too.

I had my 7-14mm on the GM1, no time to swab lens; situation like this, I always shoot first and worry later... I cranked the zoom to 14.. (28mm eqv), I got the small wonder set on fast burst, the machine gun like shutter gave me a pleasant surprise!

More ultra-wide shot with the GM1 and 7-14 combo. I wish the screen on this little camera tilt, but again I have to remind myself of the size compromise! I suppose I can live with that ;)

Shots taken with the 45-175 X zoom. This compact tele zoom came with Panasonic's POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) that suppresses large, slow movement 2x more effectively; you definitely need this with a small camera body which have more camera shake than a heavy DSLR.

All the images above are JPEGs, straight out of the camera.

I was tabbing the touch screen to direct where I wanted the focussing spot to be.  Everything work like a dream... to tell you the truth, due to the small button size; I thought I will accidentally press them when I shoot... I did not!

After an hour plus of shooting I sat down and have a refreshing bottle of sparkling water at the garden cafe.

This small bottle of NZ artesian sparkling mineral water cost NZD4.50, now I know some water can be more expensive than petrol  ;) 

This is the view across my table.. life in New Zealand is good, a warm sunny day with a great view; a bottle of cold sparkling water after working out with a camera you like, PRICELESS!

Famous Last Words...

The mini GM1 works great with the M43 lenses I own, I was using these optics on my OM-D E-M5 before the GM1; which I took along the last time we travel.

Guess which camera I will be bringing in my next oversea trip?  ;)

I am looking forward to the new Panasonic lenses that are design specifically for this small wonder!

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