Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Better Grip for Lumix GX85

I love my Panasonic Lumix GX85, it is not too small like the GM1 and not too big like the GX8.

The GX85 is perfectly balance and comfortable to hold with most of the compact M43 lenses, it gets a bit front heavy when you start using heavy or long lenses on this "thin" body.

Unlike the GX7 it replaced (the GX85 is GX7 Mk2 in Japan), the "front grip" on the GX85 is not thick enough to stabilise a long or heavy lens, this is when I decided to get an external grip.

After much searches, I am shocked that there are less than a handful grips for the GX85, most of them are NOT grips per sec but thumb rests EXCEPT ONE!

J.B. Camera Designs is owned and operated by a passionate photographer and photo equipment enthusiast J.B.Moore in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. They produce a range of hand crafted GRIPS for different cameras.

The one for my GX85 is the  J.B. Pro Wood Grip.

Eight days after I placed my order at their web site, my grip arrived!

The base of the grip is made of strong Peruvian Walnut and the vertical post is custom machined out of solid aluminium and then anodised to give a unique texture & professional look.

JB reckoned wood is a great material for camera grips because of its natural properties: great strength while being lightweight and the natural grain texture it provides for grip.

I actually find the walnut base beautifully unique and over time, they say the oils from your skin and any dings will only add to the awesome look of the Wood Grip.

We will see ;)

The JB grip is designed for full access to the battery and memory card compartment while attached. Tripod threads are also fully available through their custom Tripod Attachment Screw. They even include a US coin to attach the grip to your camera!

A "cut out" on the grip allow you to flip out the LCD screen easily.

The grip adds 77 gram to the camera, a tiny weight really.

The gripped GX85 with the rather heavy Nikon 105/2.8 FF, MF lens.

Much more steady and comfortable with the grip!!

Famous Last Words...

Is the JB Grip worth the US$80 (not including postage) cost?

It is!

With the grip the GX85 feels so much better in my hand.

So much easier to hold when I mount my heavy MF Nikon lenses on it.  I also like that the wide base plate lets me set my camera down and it doesn't tip over!

Every Pro Wood Grip is guaranteed for life.

"Apa Lagi You Mahu?" (What Else Do You Want)


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