Wednesday, April 25, 2018

GX85 or GX9?

DECISION, decision, decision!!

After I post my LUMIX GX9 a Better GX85, I got this comment...

Augusto said...
Your post is exactly what I was looking for since I still can't decide which one of these two cameras I should buy. I'm really inclined to get the GX85 due to the little difference in quality and considering that it's half the price of the GX9. But looking at these 2 pictures you took, I noticed that the road pavement in the one you took with the GX85 seems to be cracked while in the other picture it's perfect. Is it normal in the GX85?

I have to go back to my picture archive and look at those pictures again!

These are the pictures in question, the top one was taken with my GX85 and the bottom, a review GX9 from Panasonic New Zealand.

Both were using the 12-32 kit lens, both were shot at 12mm f/6.3.

Both shots were from RAW format.

To satisfy Augusto's curiosity, I crop into both picture at 100% to pixel peep, here are the results.

From GX85, crop to 100%

From GX9, crop to 100%.

Can you notice the sharpness differences?

I can't!

Just to be sure, lets go 200%, shall we?

From GX85, 200% crop.

From GX9, 200% crop.
Famous Last Words...

From what we can see, I concluded that we are unable to differentiates files from GX85 and GX9.

Taking into account that the GX85 is nearly 50% cheaper, I would keep mine for a few more years.

Did that answer your question Augusto? 

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