Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Merdeka Swing!

After the wet encounter in year 2000 Merdeka celebration... I had a plan for 2001 at the Kuala Lumpur Padang!

Trying to get a different look to the annual celebration picture, my plan is to mount the Canon EOS1n film camera and a 15 mm fish-eye lens on a Manfrotto carbon monopod; a cable release is then attached to the motor-drive to "fire" the camera.

I was going to play invisible man and to "merge" myself into the parade, walk with the folks who participate in the parade; when we pass the VIP's Grand Stand I will hold up the mounted camera and "empty" a whole film roll towards them!

It was easier said than done! It was not easy to avoid the eagle eyes of the policemen and army personnel who make sure that the media are out of the parade!

When this group pass by I managed to sneak into the middle of the group.

I tell you, there is nothing like the ultimate "high" of heavy adrenaline rush!

A whole fresh roll of Kodak Supra 36/800 film was emptied when we walked pass the grand stand where the King and Ministers were waving their flags.

Almost immediately when I finished my exposure, I was exposed and manhandled, literally dragged out of the march by a couple of policeman!

Take a look at the result, was it worth it? I think so!

Click for a BIG view!

Alas, The Star's Editor did not run this shot because "of the distortion".....it's their lost,.....but I sure had fun planning and doing the shot!

When I post this picture in a photo forum, I got some nice response:

Marko said,"Well done Leow. Fisheye working fine at this shot. Nice colors and contrast. Truly great celebration picture!"

From Pingu/Markus: "absolute fantastic shot and great use of the fish-eye. Sorry for those who have not recognized the picture for publication!"

Srudy/Steve reckoned,"Great shot - and a great story. Glad you weren't hurt! The fisheye brings a strong sense of motion and being swept past the review stand. Shame on The Star for not running it!"

Stevechong said, "Hi Leow! This is high quality stuff indeed! Obviously The Star didn't know what are they missing! The perspective is awesome! "Distortion"? Thats the biggest joke I have heard today! LOL!! Keep posting the great stuff!"

Famous last word:

Be innovative in your photographic work, try out different way to get a unique view point.

I remember years ago when I was with The Star in Brickfield, there was a young photographer name Stanley Ng; he was the innovative lad...

I assigned him to shoot a portrait one day and young Stanley did the simple shot with FIVE small electronic flashes as fill in light!

That is innovation!

Many fine techniques in photography, you learn by trying and doing it DIFFERENTLY!

Happy shooting!

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heather said...

Oh,,My gosh! How many times have you been DRAGGED out of places by exasperated security men? You are the truly the "QUEEN OF DRAG"! ..LOL!
The photo is great! it has all the qualities of an attractive woman, nicely curved,subtle colours,easy on the eye...and crawling with men!LOL!