Tuesday, June 8, 2010

London Catch Up...

When we were in London my wife and I caught up with two special person that we have not seen for years!

Sim Hock Neoh is Le General's big brother, the last time we saw him and his wife Carol was in 1994 in Singapore!

At his web site which Lamont Moon designed, you will learn that Sim Hock, "grew up in Penang, Malaysia and began his artistic education from an early age, strongly influenced by his beautiful and inspiring tropical surroundings.

He moved to England in 1965 to further his studies and enrolled on a Fine Art course at Sir John Cass College of Art in London. After completing this he travelled extensively in Europe and the US, continuing to paint. He also taught and lectured on traditional Chinese art."

"Subsequently he went on to study Interior Design at the London College of Furniture and he enjoyed a successful 20 years in interior design before retiring and once more taking up his brush full-time.

His favourite style consists of gentle watercolour in traditional English mode that deftly captures the vibrancy of composition. Preferring depictions of ordinary life, his combination of clean, light strokes and a broad use of colour creates lovely scenes infused with a pleasing vitality.

His oils are both desirable in themselves and wonderfully evocative of the places portrayed. Based in Putney, Sim enjoys painting the Thames and other water courses in his uncluttered, salutary form. He undertakes commissions to paint particular locations or buildings.

As his art has matured, Sim has developed an intuitive control of light and shadow and displays a delicate touch influenced by his in-depth knowledge of the traditional Chinese Hsieh-i style."
What the web site did not tell you was Sim Hock is also very good in table tennis, in his younger day he was also a well known ping-pong coach!
That's Sim Hock and his wife Carol in their Putney house...
On the street where Hock live, nice Victorian style house; no, he only own one unit ;)

Sim Hock told us that his ambition is to see EVERY household in Putney display one of his watercolour!

As of last count, there are 36,000 household in Putney! That is A HELL LOT of painting!

No wonder his whole house are stuff with paintings!
Sim Hock, it was good to catch up with you and Carol and we expect to see both of you in The Land with The Long White Cloud soon :)

Back in 20 June, 2009 I wrote about "A Blast From The Past"; where I lament the demise of the Bronica camera and reminisces the great time I had using the camera to shoot a calendar for The New Straits Times.

And there was my lovely model, Sharon...
It was great that we were able to meet up with Sharon's hubby Ben over a lovely dinner! Thanks Ben! After dinner Ben took us to his lovely house and after all these years I met up with my lovely calendar girl again :)

Here are two snap shots of Sharon taken with only a small table lamp from the side (wish I have my bounce flash!)... flash or no flash, she can be my calendar girl any time! You lucky man, Ben ;)
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