Saturday, July 10, 2010

Homesick Blues

It is winter like this that you miss your old hometown, it is the bitterly cold wind; the never ending drizzles; the gloomy 5 pm dark... it is time like this that you miss Penang :(

You missed the beach, the warmth of the setting sun; even the hot humid breeze!

You missed the late sunset, lovely dinner by the beach; kids on swings...

You missed the photo ops around the island, you wish you have more images of the changing tides...

Time to go back and recharge my memories :)

Famous Last Words:

Friends asked me what cameras I used to capture images above.. why is that so important? Cameras are but tools to retain your memories, to capture what you lost...

To make my friends happy, or will they; after knowing that the first shot "By the waterside" was taken with a cheap and tiny Canon S10 (2.1 mega pix) point & shoot?

We were in Batu Mua, Penang for our seafood lunch; walked pass this classical Malaysian scene... I like the play of shadows on the family.

I only have the tiny Canon S10 (which was loaned from Canon Malaysia) digital camera with me, I can only made good with one shot because the tiny flash card was full!

"Girls on Swings" was taken with my Canon G9, I can only find a single archived image... why? I cannot remember!

"The Blue Boat", a very Penang scene; taken at Teluk Pahang, Penang. The blue boat stood out from the rest. Shot with the tiny S10 Canon digital camera again.

The digital image was interpolated with GF PrintPro. The background was desaturated in Photoshop then colour-fill with a 10% green.

So there... you do not need a NZ$15,000 Leica M9 or a Nikon D3S to capture memories of my Penang ;)


iml said...

What are you waiting for??? Take the 1st flight available back and Surprise All that missed you in Penang!!!

viv said...

planning any trip soon? durian season! regards to babe!