Sunday, August 8, 2010


You just came home with your super duper DSLR that you deprived yourself months of fish n chips to get, put on your super duper thousand dollar zoom lens; snapping away... expecting super sharp results than your humble point & shoot and was promptly disappointed ;) What gives?

Not far off from the above scenario, I took some shots of our neighbor; Gully's son Jerico a while back when I got my Canon 30D camera; the lens was a rather pricey EF80-200 f2.8L. The camera and lens combined cost a whopping NZ$4,200.00!!

At that price; the image should be ultra pin sharp, right? It look really sharp at the above size, but lets blow up the image to it's actual pixels.

Not bad at all! But I remembered I also took a few shots of Jerico with my NZ$800 Canon G7 point & shoot. Take a look...

And the 100% crop (actual pixels)...

I got a rude shock! Look like the tiny G7's lens is SHARPER than the legendary L glass? It does look it, right?

So there... BIGGER, HEAVIER; more $$$ camera is not necessary better than a cheaper point & shoot.

Please don't envy the "pros" for having cameras and lenses that cost mega bucks, they use them for a reason. Their cameras are faster, focus speedier; tougher but your humble point & shoot can be just as sharp! And your little gem won't bugger up your knees like a lot of pros did ;)

Here is another shot I took of a Canadian bumblebee at the beautiful Butchart Garden on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Actual pixels crop, below...

Impress? Always remember, a camera is but a tool :)

Famous Last Words:

To be fair between the 30D & G7 image comparison, BOTH pictures were NOT sharpened.

The bumblebee was sharpened though, see how a proper amount of sharpening make your image "pop"?

How do I do it?

Well, till next week.

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heather said...

Nice photos. The one of the bee on the zinnia reminds me of summer.(Sigh)
Re point and shoot cameras,,That`s heartening to know!Interesting results from your experiment.