Monday, September 13, 2010

Wellington Waterfront

The sky did a reprieve on Sunday afternoon and it turn into a glorious sunny Wellington day!

We going to take a walk along the waterfront after our usual Sunday shopping for our weekly groceries, but Mr Murphy decided otherwise and we were stuck at the Kilbirnie Pak'n Save with a flat car battery! AA came to our rescue one hour later but we decided to head home because it is getting dark and cold.

Instead I will show you some pictures of our waterfront that has not been published in this blog before :)

Overseas Terminal where the rich moored their big-boy-toy yacht and boat.
A young skate boarder using the bench as a practice ramp, just as well New Zealand produces some of the hardest wood around for this type of bashing! :-)

A giant tree trunk is turn into a bench to relax those tired feet.

Two view of our Te Papa Museum's unique architecture design. Noticed how I included the kid in my compositions? It is my strong conviction that you should always include a human figure in such shot to strengthen the composition.

(* Learning photographers can cover the kid with your finger or a piece of tape and see if you agree on the importance of the child strengthening the composition. Notice also where I placed the child.)

One for the album! I really like this shot for its strong eye-popping colour and simple composition. Yes, the subjects did wear that shocking pink dress! I have but one chance to grab this shot. Reveal in the end ;-)

The arty Circa Theatre where New Zealand young performing artists show off their talent. It was my luck that these couple were there to make the composition; her red jacket and the sea gulls are bonuses!

A family having some quality time fishing together at a wharf recess near to Circa Theatre. How many cities in the world allowed you to enjoy this leisure activity right next to the blustering CBD? Lucky Wellingtonians take this for granted!

A happy little lad zoomed around the wide concrete square in front of the Te Papa Museum.

A luxury liner docked at Queen’s Wharf waiting for her passengers to come back from a day tour of Wellington. The bright red Wespac Rescue Helicopter are parked nearby.

Metallic oversize egg-like “seats” on the wharf’s deck to rest your tired feet or just relax and watch the world goes by.

Young people enjoying a perfect Wellington afternoon.

Famous Last Words…

All the shots you saw were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 8400 point and shoot compact digital. A WC-E75 Wide Converter Lens was used for virtually all of the shots. This solid chunk of NZ$380.00 glass turned the 24 mm wide-eqv of the 8400 to a breath taking 18 mm ultra-wide! Granted there is a fair bit of pincushion distortion on the corner of the frame, but you hardly notice them in normal photography.

Earlier I told you that I have ONLY ONE CHANCE to capture some of the shots, why? It is because to get the maximum colour fidelity and sharpness I always try to shoot in RAW format. This is where the 8400 became a “single-shot-pain”; the camera will freeze after you shoot and make you watch the dreaded hourglass and your next better shot disappear!

In some way I find the “delay” challenging, it force you to time your shot to decisive perfection! After a few misses you learn pretty quickly not to expect a five or seven burst and pick the best practice with a DSLR!

Hello young photographers / beginners, why don’t you try this out with your compact and thus horn and sharpen your reflex for better pictures?

I can't wait to get the new Nikon Coolpix P7000 which, if we are lucky; to hit NZ by October
Happy Shooting!

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iml said...

I see your point on the Te papa museum shot. A human soften the concrete building.