Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Fair Fundrasing For Christchurch

Saturday March 19

A small group of Wellingtonian raise fund for the Christchurch earthquake victims.

Lead by our friends Robert Loh and Sarah Leong, the community group gather in and outside of R&S Satay Noodles House in Cuba Street for the Food Fair Fundraising.

On this day, from 11am to 8pm, ALL the food sales and every dollar collected will go to the New Zealand Red Cross for the Christchurch earthquake victims.

Robert, left; and gang outside his R&S Noodle House getting ready for the fundraising.

Every corner of the R&S are being used to maximise sales for the fund!

It is full house inside R&S Noodle House! No, there is no free car in the shop; that is a reflection from the glass window where I shot the picture! Ha ha ha ;)

Sarah (right, in green) and mum talking to friends who came to support the fundraising.

The guests are impressed with the wide range of yummy dishes on offer. One the left is Sarah, the Lady Boss of R&S Noodle House.

So how did the funraising went?

$6,124.60 were collected and hand over to the NZ Red Cross!

Bravo guys!

Thanks also go to the following, who helped or contributed:

Wellington Chinese Community Group
All Round Food
Hungry Mama's
Restaurant Lok Lok Steamboat
Hot Yoga of New Zealand
Public Fresh Chicken
R&S Satay Noodle House
Home Voice
Erica Howard
Professor Plum
Health Tuina
Lam Moon Thong
Satay Kajang
Phala Gunson
Stuart Wong
Chang Weng Lee
Syd Hunia
James Pan
Chan Weng Kei
Chan Weng Yee
Stan Chin
Kim Seng
and 8 others in Chinese names.

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