Thursday, March 17, 2011

Royal Wedding Cup, NOT!!

Thursday March 17 2011

Prince William
of England was in Christchurch and was stunned by the scale of devastation inflicted by last month's earthquake. He was touring the "red zone" in the central city this afternoon.

At the same time, some where in the world; a company known as The Guan Dong Enterprises Ltd is trying to hog off "a beautiful cup to commemorate the wedding of HRH Prince William and his stunning lady bride to be, Miss Kate Middleton."

Take a closer look at those pictures on the cup again!

Why.... that look like Prince Harry! Ha ha ha... obviously those fly-by-night traders in China cannot recognise one Prince from another!

The picture on their web site went on to boast:

"These LIMITED EDITION Guandong enterprise wedding souvenir mugs travel a great distance. You are welcome to purchase now to avoid disappointment and regret."

Hmmm... who know, they might become collector items? DUH!

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Marty said...

Maybe the manufacturer knose somthing we don't ?
The Royals do like to keep it in the family.LOL

heather said...

There is a perfectly good explanation for that.Prince William can`t be in two places at once,so while he was mixing with the Greymouth locals,Prince Harry took his place on the coffee mug.