Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Royal Morning Tea

From and I quote:

"On Friday, April 29, 2011, England's Prince William and Catherine Middleton were married in front of their families, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and -- via TV and the Web -- more than a billion new, utterly thrilled friends.

It was the most-watched royal wedding in history, and here, as the couple embarks on a marriage that has captivated much of the globe, presents a look at the newlyweds' big day: the dress, the guests, the first kiss, the glamour, the rapturous crowds, the fashions, and everything else that helped make the event, well, something like a fairy tale."
You don't have to be a royalist to appreciate good pictures! Go take a look!

Another great photo site for really good photo-journalistic shots is The Big Picture at!

On the same Friday, we; at New Zealand Micrographic Services and Desktop Imaging attended our Royal Morning Tea!

We all became Lords and Ladies to attend such an auspicious function! And to show we mean business, we even came with our crowns! LOL ;)

Here are pictures from the Royal function taken by LORD YanChow Cuppacinio-Donald using his Nikon E-P2 and a Nikkor 50/1.4 lens.

LORD Robert Paul-Homes using a lesser camera, competing with LORD YanChow!

LORD Zacheria Max-Wilton, Greek by decent; got his Lordship with a big question mark ;)

LADY Gaseilevao Sherry-Elizabeth trying out her Royal cuppa :)

LADY Mary Fido-Maxwell has the real article from the Palace!

LADY Dolly Cindylou-Tui, Tui?

LORD Geroge Whiskey-Whistler, the Boss; "alcohol not allowed at work!" ;)

LADY Inga Shandi-Rahiwi, a mixture of German, Indian and Maori blood?

LADY Helena Harley-Blake, Harley Davidson; not!

LADY Johanna Hoppity-Robin

LORD Massey Boy-Morningside with a big headache, or was that a hang over? ;)

LORD Richard Marco-Glenmore, getting suspicious of the paparazzi!

From left, LADY Agnes Rachel-Fantame; LADY Faaetete Rachel-Fantame; LADY Lise Spot-Leicester; LADY Luisa Diego-Cunningham and LORD Afuro Whitby-Champion

LORD Robert Aries-Cranley, left and LORD Geroge Whiskey-Whistler; right, stuffing themselves with royal goodies. LADY Dolly Cindylou-Tui pretend she did not see ;)

LADY Peggy Cindy-Cambridge, are you related to Kate? ;)

One for the Royal Photo album!!

We all had fun!!

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heather said...

Ha ha,, Margaret looks like a possum in the headlights! Nice shots