Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Got Snowed In!!

Karori, Tuesday August 16

I took half a day off yesterday because it started snowing! Just as well too, by the time we got home; the falling snow got heavier and heavier. By 6 pm we knew we will not be able going to work tomorrow!

Why can't we go to work?

If you live in Wellington, you will know why; Wellington is hilly and thousands of Wellingtonian's live on hilly terrain, driving down the hill on a snow covered road is not exactly safe ;)

This is what greet me when I open our French sliding door this morning. Notice the partially snow cover road?

I saw a few cars sliding their way down the hill earlier, sad to say I am not at their age range; lost of a day's wage is cheaper than crashing my VRX Sportback ;)

That is my VRX outside our double garages, the car was completely covered with the white stuff last night; this was taken at 10.30 am.

Why did I not park the car in the garage?

Would you believe after the last "house flood" we still have not finalise going through all our junk? Ha ha ha...

A very cold and mean looking VRX...

This is our neighbor's house, Gully and the kids built two snow men last night :)

Homes on the upper part of Karori valley surrounded by snow covered hills. This shot was taken with the digital zoom of the Canon G12 point and shoot.

A panoramic shot of Karori valley at 11 am, three pictures were shot with the G12 and stitched together in Photoshop CS5.


CS said...

Ow! Snowing in Wellington?
This must be a rare sight.

Heard report that it snowed in Auckland too!

May be too much control on CO2 emissions. You need more CO2 to warm up NZ! (kidding only)

Anonymous said...

Great looking photos, as always, Mr Leow. Will you ever have time to teach your photography skills? Paid tuition of course.


Paul Kang

iml said...

Hope your fridge is fully loaded!

heather said...

wow! nice photos! It`s so exciting! It`s really nice to see photos that capture the essence of "the first snowfall in 50 years".I think it`s got something to do with global warming. It was snowing here at 5pm.

cy.leow said...

Ruby Chan commented on my link via Face Book..

Ruby wrote "CY you took some beautiful snow photos, Karori look just like winter Christmas we never had!"

Thanks Ruby :)

bob said...

Very nice photos! I live in Paparangi and the sceneries are spectacular too! BTW, I am a M'sian. 8-)

cy.leow said...

Hi Bob! Thanks! I like your blog a lot too! Did we meet at a Malaysia Club function? :)