Monday, January 2, 2012

10 Most Popular MBL Posts Of 2011

As 2011 came to an end, here’s a look back at 10 of our most popular articles from the past year:

1.    My Leica E-P2

2.   Funny Royal Wedding Pix Not!

3.   Canon G12, Best Of The G?

4.   Panasonic LUMIX G VARIO 7-14 mm F4.0 ASPH

5.   Remembering The Highland Towers Tragedy 

6.   Ultra Wide WC-E75 Canon Power Shot G12!

7.   Brian Me That Brake Was Good!

8.   Nikon E2 DSLR - Redux

9.   Bounce Flash For G12

10. My Lancer VRX Sportback

We started with a 23,000 page views in January 1911, today we are at the verge of breaking the 80,000 mark.

Thank you for all the support and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers :)


Anonymous said...

I hv been a regular follower of your blog. Its very informative and like yr pictures.

Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

Happy New Year to you and yr loved ones.


cy.leow said...

Thanks for the encouragement! It is comment like this that kept me writing :) Unlike other "review" blog, mine is done purely out of love. I even find it impossible to get review set from manufacturer,even though there are absolutely no $$$ involved. Kudos to Nikon Malaysia letting me trying out their new V1,hopefully 2012 will be a better year!

Anonymous said...

Ya, its me again. I really look forward to yr V1 review.

From yr blog, I can certainly see lots of enthusiasm and passion:-)

Fyi, I am now into those 'mickey mouse' (no offence to anyone:-) P&S, I hv a Lumix TZ7, LX3 & just acquired a Canon S100. Personally, I find it handy and noob proof and easy for me to carry around where ever I go.

I hope to learn more from yr blog. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. I also like reading your Blogs. I hope I can carry on learning more aspects of photography from you over this new year. Your a great friend.

cy.leow said...

Thank you Martyn for being a good friend and colleague! :)
I am sure you will get what you have been waiting for this year, a spanking new 5D Mk3!!

mityvisionz said...

CY, I really enjoyed your postings.It is very informative and the pics are just "owesome" as according to David Tua. Keep it up! Many thanks to you for keeping all of us entertained.Happy New Year and Happy CNY.

cy.leow said...

Happy you enjoy my rant ;) A happy 2002 and coming dragon year to you Mity, may your business roar like the CNY dragon!