Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Zǒu Mǎ Kàn Huā @ Sydney & Brisbane - day 1

Zǒu Mǎ Kàn Huā  走马看花 [to gain a superficial understanding through cursory observation; given only a passing glance at things; giving a hurried and cursory glance]

I finally made up my mind to use up my accumulated Qantas Frequent Flyer points, after days of deliberations we decided to spend four nights in Sydney then hop over to Brisbane catching up with Boon and Jackie; the last time we stay with them in Brisbane was 8 years ago!

Somehow it seems a bit silly that even by using up my 72,000 points, each of us still have to fork out NZ$ 600.00 for the trip! "Severing" relationship with the flying kangaroos is not cheap ;)

So on the 22nd of March we were at the Wellington airport staring at Gollum chasing rainbow trouts :)

Four hours later we were in Sydney International Airport, trying to be cheap skate we dragged our luggage to the airport train station to catch a train to our hotel in the CBD.

The train tickets cost A$34.00 single way, what we did not know then was, for A$45.00 we could have caught an airport to hotel transfer instead of pulling our bags on a long march.

The train is really beautiful and smooth! Eat yer heart out Singapore.. hee hee

It took us a while to find the Adina Apartment Hotel after coming out of the City Hall station and walked the wrong direction!  The location of this hotel is perfect for a short stay, it is near to all the tourists attractions.

Be aware though, you pay for location, locations... four nights at Adina cost us NZ$975.00. If you are younger and more mobile than us, you might want to stay further away from the city and save a bundle ;)

It was 7.30 pm when we check into our hotel, after shower and rest we walk out to find food and ended up at a Beijing noodle joint nearby, they claim their "hand cut" noodle is well known; we find the portion humungous, all quantity and low in quality... our first disappointment with food in Sydney, hee hee.

Mind you, there are some really nice cooking in the city; I will tell you about them in my next post... but now, time to sleep and look forward to do lots of walking the next day!

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Ananda Sim said...

Have you passed Melbourne already? Aiyoh, why not contact us lah?

cy.leow said...

Hi Ananda
We were in Sydney and Brisbane then back to Wellington.