Friday, August 2, 2013

World Press Photo Wellington Exhibition

The winning photos of the 2013 World Press Photo are in town. Again I am invited to the official opening...

The opening is at the spanking new Telecom Central Building in Wellington.

A very crowded chit chat before the official opening.

After the usual speeches from who's who, we were finally let loose into the "exhibition" area... this was when I got my first SHOCK...

Yes, that is the World Press Photo of the year, Sport News,1st prize singles by Paul Hansen on a what look like, make shift BLACK wood panel wall; illuminated by overly strong spot lamps! Some shinning right in your face!

A woman admiring the Sports Action, 1st prize singles by a MALAYSIAN; Dr Wei Seng Chen. Just ignore the unfinished floor and bundles of wires taped to the top of the display wall!

 And they expect the viewer can ignore what is on top of the winning picture?

Call me cynical, is that how you treat the crème de la crème of photojournalism?

Was it cost cutting?

Compare these to the exhibition in 2011...

I rest my case!

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