Saturday, March 15, 2014

Get A Grip For Your Lumix GM1 !

You know I love my Lumix GM1, but in the situation where I really need to shoot holding the little camera with one hand... Grrrr!! It is nearly impossible! There are no support whatsoever for you to hold on to the camera, it is highly likely that you will DROP it!

The smooth front with nothing to hold on to!
 I know, I know... good old Panasonic make a "grip" for this small wonder, take a look...

Do you call that a grip?  First of all, it is HEAVY; adding weight to the GM1 is a no no!

You loose your tripod mount AND battery access AND memory card access after locking in the "grip"!

Did you see how ugly your GM1 became, wearing this"grip"?

Lastly, it cost something like NZD 150.00 for this add-on!

GET A GRIP, Panasonic!

So when I discovered accessory grip maker Richard Franiec has launched a custom grip for the GM1, I was overjoy!!

The grip is made from anodized aluminium alloy and only weighs 20g!  It will not obstruct the tripod socket and the battery/card door. It attaches to the camera using high-strength 3M double-sided tape which can be removed if necessary!

For US$34.95 plus shipping,  I WANT ONE! NOW!!

Well, I got mine; after ordering it 9 days ago!

To install this little piece of alloy to your GM1, even though it look simple; I would advice you to look at the VISUAL AID here.

You don't want to stick the grip wrongly, it will be a bit of a pain to take off  ;)

 My GM1 with the new grip!!

It works as claimed, and now I can shoot, holding the camera with one hand!


JC said...

I would just use a short lanyard.

Anonymous said...

If you move your wrist strap to the other side you will have no risk of dropping while shooting one handed. That's the setup I have. Saying that, this grip does look like a good deal!

cy.leow said...

Dear Anonymous.. thanks for pointing that out, I go around with a walking sticks,thus I cannot hold both at the same time ;)

Anonymous said...

May I know which strap are you using?

cy.leow said...

I use OP/TECH USA Cam Strap-QD (Black), bought for me from B&H in NY when my daughter was there.Cheap & the best, cannot get in NZ!It cost US$8.95 but extra $15 if air mail!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I prefer and use the "original" Grip and like it very much (although it was quite expensive (even the used grip). It fits perfect (design-wise) and it should protect the plastic of the camera if it falls accidently (at least i hope so). Even my Oly 100-300 could be used for quite comfortable handheld-shooting with this grip (a short exposure time should be used).

The pre-owner of my grip drilled a screw-thread in the bottom plate. I´m happy about that, but i have to be careful not to destroy it because it´s aluminium. I think that´s why there´s no screw thread in the grip.