Friday, July 31, 2015

150 Shades of Wellington, New Zealand!

On 25 and 26 July, Wellington celebrates its 150th year as the capital of New Zealand.

In the last few weeks, I am trying to amass 150 photos that I took around this Coolest Capital City In The World and also our adopted Capital City since 1988.

Happy Birthday, Wellington!

Part of Wellington CBD and Oriental Parade taken from Mt Victoria in 1988.
Our first day at Manners Street, in our adopted city; 1988.
For new arrival like us, in 1988; we were not that impressed with Wellington. Why do they have so many branches of BNZ in the CBD?

Huge crowd at Courtenay Place, Wellington for Peter Jackson's KING KONG premier.
Winter mist over the hills at KARORI.
The man made golden sand beach at ORIENTAL BAY.
Wellington the Beautiful!
China National Day dinner in Wellington.
Avid LOTR fan waiting to see Peter Jackson.
EMBASSY THEATRE, Wellington.. getting ready for The Lord Of The Rings premier.
Gyuto Monks of Tibet come to Wellington.
Strange white washed people at the King Kong launch.
Terrorists, not; at a fair at Oriental Parade.
Chinese opera performance at a CNY celebration, Frank Kitts Park, CBD.
NZ film maker PETER JACKSON at the LOTR parade in Wellington.
Ma, he is taking my picture!!
Luxury cruise ship THE ROYAL PRINCESS leaving Wellington port after a short stop over.
The hunter, hunted!
Water fountain at Oriental Bay.

NZ born Asian kids at a CNY festival in Wellington.
Ming, our daughter, blowing bubbles at the botanical garden.
Our family snap. 
The CIVIC SQUARE in Wellington CBD.
A Buddhist devotee at the Bodhinyanarama Buddhist Monastery, Stokes Valley. 
A double rainbow at KARORI.

Anti racism march near the BEEHIVE in Wellington.
A Kiwi reindeer.
Vista Wellington.
Balloon festival in JOHNSONVILLE.
A Kiwi dream, the New Zealand SUPERCAR.

Participants at one of the pre WOW festival at the Civic Square, Wellington.
DALAI LAMA in Wellington.
A beautiful summer day at Oriental Parade.
Asian communities shared lunch.
Participants at a RELAY FOR LIFE performing a HAKA.

My favourite spot for lens testing!
Baking themselves to a crisp and skin cancer! Sun lovers at Oriental Bay beach.
Sea gull chasing at Oriental Bay beach.
A ship beside the OVERSEA TERMINAL.
A bank closed after the 7.2 earthquake in Wellington.
On a clear day, the classic Wellington vista.
Members from the local Poon Fah Association enjoy themselves with a lion dance.
Wellington Mayor CELIA WADE-BROWN paining in a Chinese dragon's eye.
A view from the Mt Victoria lookout.
GOLLUM at the Wellington Airport!
A white Karori!
A white cat in Karori.
Friendship between Kiwis and Chinese.
A NZ seagull getting ready to take off.
A sky fire over Karori.
A white-out winter day in Karori.
Beach near MIRAMAR.
A yacht club at WORSER BAY.
Friendly Singaporeans at their makan shop, WAKEFIELD MARKET.
Playing rugby at Oriental Bay beach.
Multi colour sunset at Karori.
Winter sunrise in Karori. 
Our pride and joy!
Our pride and joy, first day in Wellington, 1988.
A typical New Zealand landscape.
Where I work the last twelve years! Can you see me?
The "Golden Mile" in Wellington, along Oriental Parade.
The multi million dollar apartments where the Oversea Terminal us to stand.

Gathering of friends, 1989!
Wellington water front.
Made in New Zealand ;)
Little monsters at our house, HALLOWEEN.
A winter day at PETONE waterfront.
Winter day in Karori.
Sunset over Wellington, from Mt Vic lookout.
TE PAPA ("Our Place"), The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.
The INTERISLANDER heading toward PICTON.
A field of tulips at the WELLINGTON BOTANICAL GARDEN.
The writing is in the sky!
YUM CHA have become very popular in the week end!
A very yummy and healthy Kiwi breakfast.
GANDALF on his eagle, Wellington International Airport.
How to shoot a great family photo at the Wellington Botanical Garden.
An antique and collectable shop in Eastbourne.
Everybody love POTLUCK.
Colourful CUBA STREET in Wellington. 
The Portico bridge structure which runs between the Civic Administration Building and the Wellington Central Library.
Kiwi love their Indian food, there are more Indian restaurants than others. 
Seniors only pay $7.50 instead of $13 for a movie.

Anti racism march in Wellington.
A plane flying past some of the most expensive real estate in Wellington.
Scorching Bay
Stunning sun set, view from Karori.
The Cloud, Karori.
Mother and child, Mt Victoria lookout.

A plane taking off from the Wellington International Airport.
Wall of Sharks ;)

Supporters and demonstrators waiting for XI JINPING, President of China.
Wrong way to park a car!
Bodhinyanarama Buddhist Monastery, Stokes Valley.
Old graves at St James, LOWER HUTT.
Albert Einstein works here?

Spider Man and Pinkies during the RUGBY SEVENS in Wellington.
Indonesian performance during a SOUTH EAST ASIAN NIGHT MARKET in Wellington.
Little Kiwis singing Japanese songs :)
Making MOCHI at a Japanese festival in Wellington.
Sea gull on a cross.
Trying out a Kiwi home made car.
An week end open market.
The expensive, over rated WHITE BAIT FRITTERS.
Another vista of a cool capital city.
CNY parade in Wellington, those were monks from SHAOLIN TEMPLE?
A JET STAR plane getting ready to land at Wellington Airport.
Watching the ship go by.
A huge retirement village in JOHNSONVILLE.

Bodhinyanarama Buddhist Monastery, Stokes Valley.
NZ apples at the open market in Lower Hutt.
Multi million dollars apartments beside the sea in Wellington.
The classic Kiwi pie.
The day Karori was completely snowed in!
Lo Yusheng with friends at a CNY dinner.
Dragon dance on the street of Wellington.
Made in China?
L.B. with Moons.
Selfie with sunglasses!
Yeah Right!!

Children and Malaysian food stall at the South East Asian Night Market.
Wellington from QUEENS WHARF, Wellington.
1988, first day in Wellington.
Dad and mum visiting from Penang, on canon at the Mt Vic lookout.
Dad was impressed with the pine forest at Mt Vic.
L.B. and Mei help out at the Karori Normal school fair, 1989.
Dad explaining the secret of the Chinese abacus to May-N.
With our best friend Kiki Ping Chin at her Chinese painting exhibition, 1989.

It has been an AWESOME journey!


mityvisionz said...

WOW .... love all your pictures. Very strong and precise composition which captured the moment and excellent story line.

cy.leow said...

From Peter Anderson in Facebook:

Great images CY, lots of memories. Miss Wakefield Market too.

cy.leow said...

From Paul Kang in Facebook:

CY thanks for the stunning photos of beautiful Wellington

cy.leow said...

From David Goh in Facebook:

I salute you CY...You should be The Capital Photographer of the Year ...Thank you for sharing...好料。。一流。谢谢

Unknown said...

Great post and pictures. I am silent follower of your blog. Keep up the great work!

Celia Wade-Brown said...

Such a variety! Your beautiful pictures remind me why I choose to live here too! Clear skies, lots of cultural activity and delicious food.

cy.leow said...

From our Wellington Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown on my post, 150-shades-of-wellington.
"Great stuff and have done.
Mayor Celia Wade-Brown"

cy.leow said...

From Jimmy Ong, my Sydney Facebook friend...
"You got some very beautiful photos of different perspective of your adopted country New Zealand and it is real treasure memento collection that you may be able to hand them down to your next generation ! Hope I can have your permission to post some of those great shots of yours in my Facebook one day ? Thanks for your sharing !"

cy.leow said...

From GuanandMuriel Khoo, ex Features Editor and colleague at The Star, KL. Now resides in Sydney...
" CY, your photos capture all the emotions we migrants go through when we leave the land of our birth for our adopted land: anxiety, yearning, surprise, tentativeness, a gradual awakening to new possibilities, and to an awareness of our core values and strengths, no matter where we or our children settle down. The ferry journey from Butterworth to Penang, and the white gums and dry plains beside the highway from Sydney to Canberra are seared into my memory of homesickness wherever I travel, just as your lovely Karori Valley must be in yours. Thank you for reminding me how far I have journeyed. Muriel."

cy.leow said...

From Cam Dowling, friend in Wellington, via Facebook...
" You are a talented photographer, Cy Leow! Beautiful clear photos of Wellington life over the years bring back poignant memories."

cy.leow said...

From C.H.Loh, ex colleague at The Star, my protege, via Facebook...
"Good photojournalism master piece from a Grand Master........"

cy.leow said...

From Weng Lim, friend in Auckland, CLHS old boy, via Facebook...
"Congratulations CY for presenting such a variety of shots taken over the years. WELL DONE!!"

Unknown said...

Love your pictures..

Anonymous said...

Top photo over oriental parade is not 1988, as Te Papa seen in the top left corner wasn't completed until 1998! Great photos otherwise, thanks