Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lumix GX8 Dual IS, How Slow Can You Go?

Four days after my Dual I.S. on the GX8 appear, I got this comment..

Anonymous said...
Have you tried shooting at 1/4 sec.?
I've been getting a 95%+ success rate at 1/4 sec. shooting with the Nocticron on the 
GX8 with Dual IBS. I'm sure you can do at least as well with the 12-35.
September 19, 2015 at 5:31 AM

This is what I saw every day when I am in front of my two monitor screen, I will use this as a simple target for my GX8 Dual I.S. at 1/4 second test.

I took EIGHT shots at ISO200 F5.6 and 1/4 sec.

The 8 pictures were then stack on top each other, just showing the left side of the clock, I then flattened the 8 layers into one image...

As you can see from above, all the 8 pictures look pretty sharp.  But how many show camera shakes or shaky hands?  Below are the cuts from picture above...

The first three were very good!  I was pleasantly surprise!

There was slight shake in the 4th and more shake in number 6!

Slight shakes in 7, and number 8 was as good as you can get at this slow speed, hand held.

SIX out of Eight are sharp, at 1/4 sec, not bad at all!

And one for the road! The above was hand held at 1/2 sec!

I was really impressed!

I expect to see more cameras from Panasonic with DUAL I.S. feature!

Bring It On!!

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