Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Cloud

Winter in Wellington is ideal for stunning sunset shot! I do not have to go far either... from my deck I get a panoramic display of the changing hues!

They say the more simple the subject, the harder it is to photograph well.

There I was, standing on my deck, admiring the sunset... I was absorbed by this single lump of cloud and observing how the setting sun "play" her hues on it's surface!

Can't be a more simple subject right? This is the result.

The green "grain" that you noticed in the picture is actually gorse, a hard-to-kill full-of-thorns plant that virtually covered most of New Zealand hillside!

Thanks to the Englishmen who brought them to this fair country long time ago for protecting their barracks against the Maoris! Thanks a lot!!

My "net friend" Marie-Helene reckoned:

"Superb pastel colours, CY!

If I understood correctly, this is the view you have when standing on your deck!

There are worse ways of passing the time… (LOL)

A minimalist composition, with simple lines, whose interest lies in the gradual range of tones.

The cloud, which stretches thinly along the horizon, seems to be absorbing all the light and colours from above and below…

I like the Japanese-like simplicity here."

Thanks Marie, you made my day! :-)

What do you think?

Oh... this was shot with a Canon digital camera with a 28-80 zoom.

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heather said...

Great to have such a view!That could well be a great colour scheme for interior design.The irony is that its both dramatic as well as subtle. Only nature could pull off such a trick.
I wouldn`t have picked that the green is gorse.Poor old gorse gets a bum rap.It`s a noxious weed, yet it`s flowers have such an intoxicating scent.
Alas, I see too few sunsets, because they are obscured by a rather large hill called Colonial Knob. If it wasn`t for the hill,I would be taking photos of sunsets too!Maybe I should complain about the hill to the council.