Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walk On Air!

I LOVE suspension bridge! Especially those that MOVE when you walk across!

We had a really enjoyable experience when we were on the 136 metres (450 ft) long Capilano Suspension Bridge in the District of North Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

The "moving" structure is suspended 70 metres (230 ft) above and across the Capilano River.

Click on photo for a LARGE view!
Le General and daughter on the bridge :)

I even shot a short video clip! Take a look! Is that cool or what ;)

I though Capilano was pretty cool till I saw pictures of the Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia!

But still pictures not doing justice to such a magnificent structure!

Thanks to a panoramic photo by Reza Pazhouhesh and 360cities, I am able to embed this incredible view below! Do click and view FULL SCREEN, you will be amazed!

Malaysia, Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia

Can't wait to go walk on it! But does it move? ;)


heather said...

I`ve been in swingbridges before in New-Zealand, but never one like this one! Its huge! Amazing engineering,, very clever people out there.As for the Langkawi bridge,one would feel as free as a bird up there!
The panorama is amazing..how clever is that?!?!

iml said...

The last time I walked a much shorter, lower hanging bridge, my legs just when jellied!!! Is that Wify LB?

cy.leow said...

Hi iml please don't keep us in suspense :)
Who are u? Yes, that is LB.

iml said...

Oops! my apologies thought you knew who I am. Liling, LB's P&M's friend. If only I knew then you are such an accomplished/well-known photographer, I would have taken lessons from you.