Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Has Hasselblad and Leica Gone Loony?

I always think highly of Hasselblad, for a long long time I think they make some of the best medium format cameras around!

Their 500C was a classics! It even went to the moon, the first man on the moon was shot with a Hasselblad!

I had great admiration for Hasselblad, until two days ago...

Hasselblad proudly launched their new LUNAR at Photokina two days ago, they called the monstrosity "Italian-designed ‘ultimate luxury’ mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera"!

I hasn't stop laughing :)  Ha ha ha ha...

Wait... the best is yet to come...

This "Work of Art" only cost at around €5000!

Luca Alessandrini Hasselblad’s New Business Development Manager said and I quote...

“The Lunar is a celebration of the passion that the company’s founder Victor Hasselblad had for photography. We’ve developed this model in the traditional way, using handmade wooden prototypes to ensure superior ergonomics and functionality. This is a camera for both serious photographers and enthusiasts who aspire to shooting with a Hasselblad.”

He added: “Lunar, which can be used in fully automatic or fully manual mode, has been designed to be easy to use and versatile but with all the advanced technology employed in top DSLRs. For the first time the market now has a camera embracing traditional Hasselblad state-of-the-art image capture combined with stunning Italian design features.

And for the first time ever we are using carbon fiber, titanium, wood, leather and precious metals - including gold. The camera grip itself offers unparalleled ergonomics and has been developed to embrace both compact E-mount and the larger professional A-mount lenses.”

The Lunar in its former life ;)

But you know and I know that this  €5000 camera is actually a Sony NEX-7 camera with "precious metal" cladding ;)

Talk about Loony Tunes, there is something strange at this year's Photokina...

Take Leica for instance, another company I admired; as a matter of fact I still own TWO Leica M film cameras, a M4-P and M6. Yet two days ago Leica, with much ooh-ha show off their new Leica M and Leica M-E!

 Leica M?  "M" WHAT??

If this is the new model to replace the M9, why is it not known as M10?

Why did Leica leaving out the generation in the name entirely?

What about the new M-E? The Leica M-Economical which Leica think is highly affordable... ha ha ha

With a smaller sensor, less features and no Live-View, the M-E is US$1,500 cheaper than the "M".

You know and I know that to those who can afford the "M" will not want to buy this rehashed M9.

To prove to you that I really adored the legendary Hassablad 500C!  :)

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Simon Gotlieb said...

Hardly surprising. In a world that's getting very full of very good cameras these two companies need to carve out a niche for themselves. Hasselblad has gone down the Bugatti route and Leica are determined to be the Apple Computer of cameras.